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RAPP Kunststofftechnik GmbH, part of the POLYRACK TECH-GROUP of companies, has invested in an additional two new multi-component Arburg injection moulding machines to supplement its existing technology and equipment, thus further expanding its capacities and capabilities for 2-component and 3-component product.

The machines are equipped with suitable handling systems to enable automated component removal. The first customer orders have been serviced in June right after the operation start at the headquarters in Straubenhardt. “Thanks to the latest injection moulding machine technology in the multi-component sector, we can continue to implement new impulses and ideas for our customers,” says Jörg Rapp, head of tool-making and plant engineering, emphasising the importance of the investment in the machinery.

The 2K and 3K machines are mainly used to produce parts with high quality demands on the components. The advantage of this is that the product can be manufactured in only one injection moulding process.

There are always between two or three injection processes carried out simultaneously, resulting in maximum efficiency and consistent quality. Another special feature of the multi-component machines is the integrated and system monitored mould and hot runner temperature control. The latest generation of servo-controlled motors for the rotational movement and the pumps of the machine ensure optimum energy efficiency in each case.

The manufactured plastic parts are subsequently further processed with surface finishing (e.g. screen and pad printing, laser inscription) depending on the customer´s requirements and are often used as piece parts in module assemblies for various customer applications and different industries.