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Brochure: Perfect solutions for your battery installations

From small UPS installations in server rooms all the way to large battery racks housed in twenty-foot containers – the applications where battery installations ensure reliable, round-the-clock power supply are many. In its new battery brochure, SIBA presents a customized range of specialty fuses and gives hands-on instructions on how to identify the right fuse in four easy steps.

The latter is important because fuses designed for AC applications cannot readily be used in DC-based circuits. When switching over from mains to battery operation, discharge currents result, which require faster-acting and more specific fuses.

While SIBA’s standard portfolio of fast-acting fuses already covers a wide range of applications, the company’s in-house R&D department is always ready to help when tailor-made solutions are called for. For more information on the subject in our new brochure, click here.