Polyrack offers welded enclosures and control cabinets according to ISO 3834

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The POLYRACK TECH-GROUP has recently obtained certification according to DIN EN ISO 3834 and offers fusion-welded sheet metal and profile enclosures as well as control cabinets according to ISO 3834.

ISO 3834 guarantees high-quality fusion-welded components and constructions. The process places extensive demands on personnel, machines and systems as well as on the necessary documentation. “The quality of a welded joint is often difficult or impossible to assess. This certification gives our customers the certainty to receive only enclosures and control cabinets with absolutely high-quality welded joints,” explains Vitalij Linker, international welding technician and deputy production manager at POLYRACK.

POLYRACK has obtained the ISO 3834 welding certificate for the use of aluminium or chrome-nickel-steel for products that are realised with a welded joint. The certificate is particularly relevant for industry-specific applications in mechanical and systems engineering as well as in medical technology, especially for housings with requirements for reliable protective properties or use in rough environmental conditions. Upon customer request, POLYRACK qualifies further welding processes and materials. At POLYRACK, this is already taken into account during the development phase of a project in coordination with the customer and the respective requirements.

With the DIN EN ISO 3834 certificate POLYRACK guarantees its customers high-quality welded joints for sheet metal enclosures and control cabinets

You can read the complete press release here!