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Hoses for leaf collection

Abrasion resistance plus a long service life – and hence significantly extended replacement intervals – are a key requirement for any manufacturer of hoses used in heavy-duty applications, especially sweeping and cleaning machines. Hoses fitted to a leaf blower, for instance, must be designed to regularly withstand a high throughput. When it comes to industrial hoses, NORRES guarantees optimal product properties and high resistance – convincing reasons why hoses featuring NORRES products are first choice for sweeping and cleaning machines!

Efficient solutions for hose applications under extreme conditions

Choosing the right product is crucial – and whichever product is eventually selected, it must take account of the specific requirements of municipal vehicles for grass and leaf collection. Apart from the extreme abrasive stress during leaf collection, microbial attack and hydrolysis on the plastic hose wall are other daunting challenges. NORRES hoses specifically for leaf collection offer optimally adapted properties, leading to a longer service life, less downtime and quick and easy handling.
The patented PROTAPE® PUR 327 MEMORY is a crush-resistant tape hose for medium-heavy duty in the PROTAPE® family. It is resistant to microbial attack and hydrolysis. As well as good resistance to oil, gasoline and chemicals it also provides good low temperature flexibility and is highly resistant to abrasion. As an added bonus, the PROTAPE® PUR 327 MEMORY is not crushed when driven over or stepped on – something that can easily happen when the hose is in daily use. The AIRDUC® PUR 355 AS and AIRDUC® PUR 350 AS are two all-rounders which are highly resistant to abrasion and ideally suited for a high throughput. Both hose types are flame retardant according to UL94-V2 and DIN 4102-B1, with a permanently antistatic wall and an electrical and surface resistance of <10⁹ Ω in accordance with ISO 8031 as well as <2.5*10⁸Ω in accordance with TRGS 727. Both the AIRDUC® PUR 355 AS and the AIRDUC® PUR 350 AS are available in an innovative TWIN COLOR version. The idea behind the TWIN COLOR hoses is as simple as it is convincing: quality products are coloured according to each customer’s requirements. Any combination of colours is possible. The option of colouring the hose in two specific colours adds significant value: each TWIN COLOR hose can be customised and adapted to the client’s corporate colours on request, ensuring that the corporate design is consistently applied. As a result of this, a higher quality and more professional appearance is achieved for the hose as a machine component and hence for the entire product during use. What’s more, the combination of colours for both the AIRDUC® PUR 355 AS TWIN COLOR and the AIRDUC® PUR 350 AS TWIN COLOR can be varied according to the intended use or field of application.
The AIRDUC® PUR 351 SWEEPER and AIRDUC® PUR 355 SWEEPER are two classic hoses for sweeping machines: highly flexible and resistant to abrasion, microbe resistant, good resistance to oil, gasoline and chemicals as well as very good low temperature flexibility. And with their protected, hydrodynamically efficient exterior fold, these hoses combine all relevant properties for leaf collection.